Operational Assessment

If our strategy is airtight…

Fact vs. Fiction?

Have we carefully considered how we do things in the field? What is our operations reality? Those are questions many companies fail to ask. They assume the reality they planned for is what is carried out on the ‘factory floor’. But despite good intentions by all involved parties, that is not necessarily so.

If our strategy is airtight, what about execution?

Does the company agree on what key processes ‘looks like’ in terms of step-thru’s, and who is responsible for key “As Is” actions and events? This is where operations consulting can shine – in identifying unknown gaps.

Said another way, often there is a significant disconnect between how management thinks operations are run and what line personnel actually do to make the pieces engage smoothly and get the job done.

This break between leadership intent and actual execution results in inefficiency, poor data gathering, and increased reporting risks for the C-Suite.

It invariably hobbles the ability to truly know “where we are” at a given moment.  In short, it becomes a negative feedback loop for strategic goals and profitability.

It is effective gap analysis that becomes integral to operations consulting to bring transparency to these issues. Knowing where we are, is the first step to remapping things to where we want to go.

Invespex makes sector leaders better via fresh eyes on existing processes.  Our operational redesigns have generated windfall profits. Profitability that does not necessarily require additional revenue.



Operational Assessment

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