Management Consulting

Abstract and urgent…

Management Consulting can be an exceedingly vague thing. Services relevant to one industry may be completely irrelevant to another.  And the management consulting solution that worked for your competitor may be a poor fit for you. In this context, who you hire matters.

Great consulting reduces abstraction to solutions and action.

Admittedly, the nature of a particular business problem can be hard to define, and hard to quantify relative to financial impact. And without clear data points (issue and dollar impact), you need to make some assumptions to begin framing your issue.

But this is one instance where educated guesswork is the way to go. Because working through the ambiguity now will result in a better shot at hiring the right management consulting firm later. It may also reduce your total cash outlay on services.

42% of CEO’s don’t set project strategy before hiring a consultancy.

Forbes found in a 2015 study that just over half (58%) of a study’s executive level participants worked on the strategic direction of their corporate consulting projects BEFORE hiring a firm. That is an expensive learning curve.

With that in mind, below is a breakout of our management consulting services. Reading each of these short explanations will give you a sense of what we do and if we can assist you.

We also recommend you review Selecting A Firm‘. It will assist you in qualifying potential consultants by giving you a sense of where to put the ‘weight’ of your decision.

Management Consulting Service Segments


Broad analysis, targeted metrics


Financial wrongdoing, CFE reviews, interviews

Operational Assessment

Analysis of processes and personnel

Troubled Companies

Issue resolution unique to troubled operations

Understanding Management Consulting

To dive deeper, and learn about the operational realities of professional services and their impact on clients, read ‘Our Approach‘. It provides a primer to consulting norms…before you incur the expense of outside experts.

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